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1000 Gifts

April 10, 2012

Once in a while you come across a blog that really makes you smile. Every time you read it you feel inspired and get a little dose of happiness. That’s how I feel about Fairytales Are True. Just the name draws you in. So when the lovely Sarah behind Fairytales Are True, decided to start a post where she would chronicle and list 1000 gifts by the end of the year and invited others to do the same, I hopped on board. 1000 Gifts is inspired by the book of the same name by Ann Voskamp, which I am purchasing as we speak.

Here I will list out the gifts I receive throughout the year with the goal of reaching at least 1000 by December 31st. Some gifts will be big, but most will undoubtedly be the little things like a good cup of coffee or a card in the mail. I encourage anyone to join along.

I will add-on to this same list, so if you are so inclined, you can check back to see what new gifts get added.

1. Walks with family along the bay

2. Homemade brunch and mimosas

3. Beautiful blooming trees

4. Hugs from my husband

5. White cheddar macaroni and cheese

6. going to baseball games

7. Essie Peach Daiquiri nail polish

8. Pink gingham shirts

9. Long runs

10. 70 degree days

11. Reading a good book out in the sun

12. Fresh-cut pink tulips

13. Seeing the space shuttle take it’s victory lap around DC

14. Reconnecting with old co-workers

15. Three-day weekends

16. The Orioles in first place

17. Perspective gained from little bumps in the road

18. Great blog friends

19. 30% off sale items at J. Crew

20. Ray-Ban sunglasses

21. Clean sheets

22. Jeans that make you feel good

23. Putting away winter clothes in the attic

24. Coworkers that turn to friends

25. No traffic on my morning commute

26. Time with my amazing parents

27. Mani/pedi and shopping with mom

28. Dad’s bartender skills

29. Mom’s cooking

30. Tan work pants that are actually flattering and stylish

31. New workout clothes

32. Feeling sore (in a good way) after a tough workout

33. Homemade caprese salad for a happy hour at home

34. A saturday night with margaritas and friends

35. Games of croquet

36. A new sunny yellow skirt

37. Successfully attempting an enchilada recipe

37. Getting all the laundry folded and put away

38. Finding new blogs that emphasise being healthy not “skinny”

39. An Orioles win after 17 nerve-wracking innings

40. Receiving a beautiful bridal shower invite in the mail

41. Hulu, which allows me to catch up on all my shows on my iPad

42. Beautiful wedding photos that I never get tired of looking back on (or sharing)

43. Heels that don’t hurt your feet

44. Pretty printed skirts

45. Croquet matches on Cinco de Mayo

46. Delicious black bean burgers (I could eat them every day)

47. Beautiful, humid-free evenings spent outside

48. New neon running shoes

49. Games of ladder ball with neighbors

50. Flowers, flowers and more flowers in my front yard

51. Surprise Kate Spade sales

52. The perfect v-neck tees from Madewell

53. A pink leather belt from J. Crew

54. Lazy afternoons catching up on

55. A good (sunless) tan

56. Bright cobalt skinny jeans

57. Beautiful blooming flowers in our front yard

58. Sparkly nail polish

59. Long holiday weekends

60. Birthday parties

61. My first pregnant close friend!


2 Comments leave one →
  1. Lauren permalink
    April 14, 2012 1:08 pm

    Love this idea!!! I think it’s just what I need:)

  2. July 31, 2012 10:33 pm

    I’m thinking about doing this too! Seems like a lot of fun. Good luck on your list!

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